Justin Reeves, Customer Service

Favorite movie quote:
“I’m the party pooper.”

–Kindergarten Cop

Weirdest job I’ve ever had:
That would have to be my position at Premier Disposal. As I mention below, it was a quick training and introduction period before I was involved in the accounting, sales, and customer service aspects of the business. Anyone who has ever worked in a small company knows all-too-well the common theme of wearing multiple hats.

If I had to eat one meal every day for the rest of my life, it would be…
Any kind of pasta dish. Especially if it starts with “Chicken” and ends with “Alfredo.”

How I got into the roll-off business:
I was introduced to Premier Disposal in 2009 by our now-president Shaun Hollis. It was a bit of a “shotgun drill” in the sense that I was asked to wear multiple hats within a couple weeks of being hired. Definitely a learning experience, but it did provide my introduction to this great industry.


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