Blue Bear LEED Recycling and Dumpster Services

Sustainable Waste Management for Denver & the Front Range

Helping contractors meet project requirements and receive their LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, Blue Bear Waste Services is a leader in sustainable waste management. Blue Bear partners with builders, contractors, and developers to provide fully compliant LEED® recycling and reporting services throughout the building lifecycle. LEED strategies include but are not limited to water savings, materials selection, indoor air quality, and sustainable site development.

Advantages of LEED® Certification

All buildings, from homes to corporate headquarters, can be LEED compliant. LEED® certification is the international standard for green building and the most common third-party verification. Buildings that have earned LEED certification are characterized by resource efficiency, energy savings, and reduced carbon emissions. Sorting and reclaiming your construction waste to divert it from area landfills, Blue Bear provides contractors and developers with LEED-certified benefits that include:

  • Healthier indoor air quality (IAQ) for occupants
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Lower day-to-day operating costs
  • Increased employee retention rates
  • Higher rental income
  • Impressive return on investment (ROI)

Blue Bear LEED Services

Blue Bear’s team of recycling and waste management experts track your recycling efforts and help you satisfy rigorous environmental regulations. Contact our staff for the following LEED services:

  • LEED consultation & waste management planning
  • Waste stream sampling & waste profiling
  • Construction waste removal
  • Single- and mixed-stream recycling options
  • Comprehensive LEED reporting & auditing
  • Recommendations to maximize sustainability efforts

Support for Your Next LEED Recycling Project

Handling small and large projects with the same level of client-focused commitment, Blue Bear is equipped to serve clients seeking LEED®, ENERGY STAR, Green Globe, and other third-party certifications. We are proud to partner with the builders and owners of multi-use buildings, medical campuses, neighborhoods, offices, retail and hospitality centers, historical buildings, and warehouse facilities—whether you are renovating, constructing from the ground up, or improving an existing space.

Contact a Blue Bear LEED specialist to discuss sustainable waste management services: 720.500.5282.