Special Waste Services

Safe, Eco-Friendly Disposal with Blue Bear Dumpster Rentals

Managing special waste can be a headache since it must be handled, disposed of, and tracked in a safe, compliant way. At Blue Bear Waste Services, we are experts in waste stream audits and special waste disposal services for builders, contractors, and municipalities. Providing hassle-free, client-focused service in all the Denver Metro Area. We also offer disposal under negotiated terms with local landfills to eliminate the need for multiple vendors.

Special Waste Hauling and Dumpster Rental in Denver

Blue Bear Waste Services offers hauling services for various waste items from your business, job site, or construction facility:

 Friable asbestos

 Non-friable asbestos

 Asbestos-containing soils

 Meth-contaminated debris

 Materials requiring certified burial (wood wastes, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

 Other non-hazardous materials

Please note: Blue Bear Waste Services cannot dispose of materials that are classified as hazardous by state or federal authorities, nor can we haul materials containing free liquids.