Aurora, Colorado History

Aurora originated in the late 1880’s from a town formerly known as Fletcher, Colorado. The town of Fletcher was named after Donald Fletcher. Fletcher staked out a 4 square mile area east of Denver and began development. After a severe drop in silver prices which attributed to the Denver Depression of 1893, Fletcher skipped town and left the community with substantial debt.


Since its incorporation, Aurora has gone on to be one of the fastest growing suburbs in the Denver metro area. Aurora is a vibrant, exciting, and energetic city that provides affordable housing for families of all income levels. Located minutes from Denver International Airport, Aurora is one of the best places to live in Colorado.


Dumpster Rental Rules in Aurora

The City of Aurora typically does not allow you to park the roll-off dumpster on residential streets. The dumpster must be placed in the driveway or elsewhere on the property. Parking the roll-off dumpster on your property also avoids hindering traffic flow. There are exceptions to the off-street rule. If your driveway slopes or is unable to handle the load of the dumpster, you must obtain a special permit from the city. The special permits allow you local dumpster company to place the dumpster on the street rather in your driveway.


Choosing the Best Dumpster

Whether you’re using a dumpster to clean out your house, preparing for a remodel, or tidying up your lawn, choosing the right dumpster size is critical for saving your money and maximizing efficiency. Before you call Blue Bear Waste to arrange your Aurora dumpster rental, be sure to have an idea of how long your drive is. The last thing you want is to order in the incorrect dumpster size and the can won’t fit in your driveway. For most household projects, unless you’re doing a complete home remodel, the largest can you’ll need is a 12 yard dumpster.


Choose Blue Bear for your Roll Off Dumpster Needs

Blue Bear Waste one of the fastest growing dumpster rental companies in Denver metro area. What sets us apart from other roll off companies? We work with you to ensure your can arrives on time. Our team will help you determine which dumpster is the right fit for your project. Whether you need a dumpster for a quick clean up project or large commercial project, we’ve got you covered.

Making a Dumpster Rental Reservation

If you’d like to learn more about Blue Bear Waste, you have two options to book your dumpster. GIve us a call at 720-521-5282 or book your dumpster online.