A Brief History of Littleton City

City of Littleton’s history can be traced to begin in 1859 during the famous Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. The event attracted gold seekers, merchants, and farmers in a single wave. The 3 groups worked independently to provide the basic needs of life to the community. Richard Sullivan Little from New Hampshire, an engineer who came to work on an irrigation system. Little loved the place and brought his life Angelina in 1862.

The littles joined hands with other neighbors and built the Rough and Ready Flour Mill, which was completed in 1867 that turned out to be the greatest economic base to the community at that time. By early 1890, Littleton had grown to 245 people who later voted to incorporate Town of Littleton.

In 1902 Littleton was named temporary county seat by governor Orman. After 1904 general election Littleton gained a permanent county seat that brought the benefits of government employees, businesses, and support services by which its population had grown to 33,661.

The proximity of the town to the Titan rocket producing Martin Marietta facilities contributed heavily to its rapid growth from 1958 through 1969. Agriculture remained to be the economic background of the town until World War II after which many industries were founded. Schools and colleges added appeal to the town and by 2014, its population had increased to 44,669.

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