Joe Cordova

“On behalf of all parties involved with the annual Platte River, “river sweep,” I wanted to thank you for donating the 30 cy dumpster for the volunteers to use.  This event is a huge plus for our community in our efforts to help keep our river, river trails and open spaces clean and we all appreciate your contributions.


ArborForce just celebrated our 9 year anniversary on April 16th.  The reason I mention this is because ArborForce has been working with you for that entire time dating back to the original companies under different names.  Blue Bear is a valued vendor and we truly appreciate the support that both you and your staff extend to us.  Your staff is not only courteous and professional, but they also take the time to listen to our needs and they respond to us with exactly that.  In a world where customer service seems to be a thing of the past in many situations it is a relief that there are still some of the “good guys” out there.  Thank you very much!!!!”

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