Phil Owens

“It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to provide this letter of recommendation on behalf of Blue Bear Waste Services. Blue Bear Waste Services has been WeatherSure’s Systems construction waste collection and disposal provider for the past year.

WSS has a long standing relationship with Blue Bear’s President and has had nothing but exceptional customer service and prompt service. I have personally experienced the hands on approach of Blue Bear’s attention to detail and ability to accommodate unforeseen demands. Every time a WeatherSure staff member calls for roll-off or to request a pull, Blue Bear responds in a timely manner and service has been impeccable.

It is for these reasons that I would recommend Blue Bear to any business (large or small); whether they are in the construction industry with high demand for prompt service or a business that is need of a commercial solid waste management provider.

The staff at Blue Bear is a group of professionals that are always willing to listen and help where ever they can. If you should have any questions please feel free to call.”


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